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Death Knight Class bugs

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Hello there!

The talent "Blood of the North" doesn't work, blood strike or pestilience doesn't convert blood runes to death runes. (Needs fix asap, gamebreaking issue)

Blood presence does not heal me for 4% of damage done, it doesn't heal me at all, no matter which attack I do.

Talent "Reaping" doesn't work, no death runes.

Talent "Death Rune Mastery" doesn't work at all either.

Talent "Mark of Blood" doesn't work at all. The debuff does nothing.

Talent "Vendetta" doesn't work either, not a single heal on any mob.

Talent "Butchery" doesn't work, neither of the two things it does. No runic power gained from it.

The attacks "Plague Strike" and "Icy Touch" is supposed to put Blood Plague and Frost fever on the enemies, they do, sometimes:
If I miss Plague Strike, Blood Plague sometimes hits.
If I hit Plague Strike, Blood Plague sometimes misses.
They are supposed to be the same, but they have two different "spells" in one spell. It's very annoying to hit a spell but miss the dot. Needs fix asap.

Raise dead doesn't work, I've tried with corpses and with corpse dust, no difference.
Making Unholy unplayable at the moment due to this.

Talent "Bloodworms" doesn't work, nothing spawns. Tried for hours now while questing, not a single one.

Talent "Improved Blood Presence" is broken as well, no healing converted to other presences, tried over multiple healings and fights. Only working thing about Blood presence is the 15% damage increase.

Talent "Bloody Vengeance" isn't working, no buff after critting, tried over multiple hours now.

Talent "Blade Barrier" isn't working, no buff or decrease in damage taken.

Talent "Sudden doom" isn't working, no proc from either attacks, tried for several hours now.

Talent "Killing Machine" is broken and does nothing.

Reported all these and those in the other thread to the getmangos tracker

Death Knight is almost unplayable at the moment, 50% of all talents does nothing.


--- Quote from: "Quickwitted" ---Great!
Death Knight is almost unplayable at the moment, 50% of all talents does nothing.

--- End quote ---

OK, well i put all of that into bug reports. Cant give a time scale since the team is focusing on classic at the moment due to it being the foundation for all expansions etc.


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