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Does the amount of ore seem a little light?


I've been running around Evelyn Forest, Dun Morough and Loch Modan and haven't seen too much copper ore.  I've found the most in Evelyn Forest but not nearly as much as I would expect.  I see plenty of herbs in those places just not much ore.  Is anyone else noticing this or am I just expecting to much?

Hey there,

This is not something im familiar with. I will try to ask one of the devs.

This is something we have planned to improve, nodes like this will be redone with the new database we are doing for zero, and then we will be able to redo TBC as well

Sounds good.  I look forward to the changes.

Also, it seems that after i mine a ore node, it disappears completely...
and when i make a server of my own and mine copper, the server crashes, on the crash there is something saying "GameObject::SaveRespawnTime+31"[sub:2oqo3ov1]([/sub:2oqo3ov1] might be related..


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