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Problem with using Ship when zoneing from Menethil to elf lands


hi I hope you can help, I went to menethil harbour to get the ship to elf lands , after I got on the ship the game just stays on the map picture it doesn't  let me go to elf lands. It just stays on the Map I can hear game sounds in background so it didn't crash it just doesn't complete zoning to the elf lands. I don't know if this is just a problem for me or if it is a bug?  I hope someone can help as I cant access my paladin now he is stuck on the ship. Please arrange for him to be moved to darnassus if possible.

btw this is on TBC server.
my paladin name is Segat

hi again GM's are quick !! they contacted me in game all was great!! thanks for help. I understand GMs are looking at this problem hopefully it will be sorted out soon =)

This has been resolved server side. Was fixed within the hour


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