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Shifting Moon - Quest bug: Rediscovering Your Roots


Hello, I just want to report that the quest  Rediscovering Your Roots is bug in this server (you can find a full description of the quest in the link provided). You just have to kill Razorthorn Flayers until they drop a Razorthorn Flayer Gland with this item you can use it on a Razorthorn Ravager and it will become your pet. You will get a pet bar with an ability called "Expose Razorthorn Root". You can find the roots required by the quests by getting close to a "Razorthorn Dirt Mound" and clicking the ability. The problem is that when you use the ability the "Razorthorn Dirt Mound" dissapear, but there's no root to loot, I tried several times and always end with this same result.
Here you can se how the quest works in the server:
And here here you can see how it works in another random server:
PD: Sorry for the bad quality of the vids.

Should now work with the latest DB update.


This has been applied to the server

I just tested the quest and it's working, thank you for the quick response and fix.

Your welcome. Thanks for reporting.


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