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Outland Quests.


In here, I'll be logging whatever bugs or oddities I find while leveling my way through outland.

Hellfire Peninsula

Naturally, I'll start off with the starting zone. I found a couple of things that didn't seem to work quite as intended.

Missing Missive
This quest can't be obtained, as it is gained from the Eroded Leather Case, which drops off of Marauding Crust Bursters and Tunnellers, both of which won't spawn. You see them as shadows and ruble moving through the earth, but when you go to stand on top of them, which should cause them to spawn, they simply repeat the spawning animation, without an actual targetable unit appearing.

The Dark missive
This quest is either unobtainable, or the droprate is off, I couldn't say. It starts from Burning Legion Missive, whichis supposed to drop off of Warbringer Arix'Amal. It did not drop after waiting for him to respawn three times.

A Spirit Guide
This quest can't be completed. When you go to the Fel Orc Corpse and use he provided totem, a red error message occurs, declaring that it "requires Krun Spinebreaker's Body". In addition, the wolf that's supposed to spawn and lead you to the Mag'har camp appears to be stading at around (31.3;41.3)

Life's Finer Pleasures
This quest, which you need to do to complete Arelion's Mistress doesn't work. The NPC accepts the wine, but fails to move at all.

I think that's about it for the Peninsula. Except perhaps for Line of Sight issues in Fallen sky ridge. It becomes and issue when you're being thrown around by the boss, but simply facing it with your back against the giant red crystal is an acceptable workaround.

Up next is Zangarmarsh

I only found two problems in this zone.

Have You Ever Seen One of These
In this, using the cage at the stone works, but fails to complete the quest.

Then there is

Escape from Umbrafen
This quest is completeable, but the Npc dies extremely quickly, as she only has eight-hundred and some hp. In fact, she dies quicker than I can grab threat from the ambushing broken. She's called Kayra Longmane. Wow-head puts her at 7,325hp, the feenix database at 4,781.

I figured I might as well . I see there's a new bug reporting subforum. Any chance this thread might be moved over there?

At any rate, Terokkar forest. Where do I even begin?

let's see. Firewing enclave first, then we can work our way from there.

Escape From Firewing Point - ... wing-point
This quest is really really hard. Mainly because the NPC you're supposed to escort, Isla Starmane -
has ~1800 hp, and dies from 3 swings or 2 spells. Wowhead puts her at 7,960hp, and 3,275mana. Those numbers are probably off, as these are probably MoP values.

The Final Code -
This quest is uncompleteable, setting off the bomb only progresses the first "mana bomb activated" in the quest log. You get to see a nice buildup, and yellow text on your screen that counts down from 5, and then nothing happens.

That's it for firewing point.

Who Are They?(Horde) -
Speaking to the Shadowy Laborer -
Shadow Initiate -
and the Shadowy Advisor -
accomplishes nothing. They have the correct dialogue options, but if you click them, nothing happens.
Because this quest can't be completed, the next step in the chain;

Kill the Shadow Council -
is unavailable by asociation.

Moving on.

Fumping -
This quest is bugged. Using the Fumper -
In the Bone Wastes is supposed to either summon a gnome (I don't know which kind, as the Fumper doesn't work) or a Mature Bone Sifter -
It doesn't work, but I discovered a workaround. On the far southeastern part of the Bone wastes, there's a little forest with spider's and victims trapped in web. While the quest Taken in the Night -
is in your log and uncompleted, killing those webbed creatures cause things to spawn. Amongst them are the Bone Sifters needed to complete the quest. I only had to abandon Taken in the Night once to get enough Mature Bone Sifters to spawn.

And Now, the Moment of Truth -
This quest is uncompleteable, as talking to Grek -
does not allow you to give him the oil. Sometimes, a conversation plays, where he says that the oil doesn't work, and is supposed to be for mages, or something to that effect. It is unrelated to whether the quest is completed.

The Vengeful Harbringer - & (sorry for the bad link, quest was made obsolete by blizzard)
This quest is bugged, as using the Dranei Tomb Relic does not summon any attackers.
In addition, Vengeful Harbringer -
is already spawned when you enter the tomb, and talking to him does not let you complete the quest, even though it recieves the (completed) tag as soon as you accept the quest.

Finally, Skywing -
Has problems. At one point, Skywing is supposed to jump down to a lower platform, but instead, he just disappers.
In addition, Luga the Imprisoner -
was already spawned, although I understood that he was supposed to spawn at the end of the route, just before completing the quest.

Phew. That was a lot of things. Hope it helped you identify some problems that need working on.


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