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rising fun - blackrock depth - boss bugs


three of us were running  blackrock depths today and i just wanted to post a few bugs that we found along the way

general angerforge -

We got him down to the 25% and his adds did come....but they continued to come.  We ran far enough away to avoid getting aggro after 2-3 waves continued to repop as they died. Maybe they have a respawn timer and shouldnt?

hurley blackbreath
to do this guy you need to break the kegs, right now they are all stacked in one place. we broke all three kegs but hurley never appears

ribbly screwspigot
to start this fight you need to speak to ribbly, he doesnt have any options to start his fight though making him undoable

sadly this is as far as we got if we find anymore bugs in brd when we're able to fully do it will post them up ^^

I will come back again.


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