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Author Topic: MangosZero Update pack applied to Rising Sun  (Read 5366 times)

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MangosZero Update pack applied to Rising Sun
« on: July 18, 2013, 05:54:48 pm »

As promised we have applied the latest getMaNGOS developer updates to our World of Warcraft classic server.
Remember Covenant-Wow servers are maintained by getMaNGOS developers to ensure we have the latest possible fixes!

Changes/Updates & Fixes:

Rescripted the quest end script for quest 411 The prodigal lich returns
All missing horde questflags for tirisfal
Minlevel and xp fixes tirisfal glades
A Plague Upon Thee XP correction
[Fix]Rot hide gnoll cast curse of thule as selfcast
Random Tirisfal fixes

Updated values for deathstalker Faerleia from comments and db, mainly wowpedia she is lvl 18 instead of lvl 16.
From comments she seems able to finish the quest nearly without any help. DMG and ARMOR values are guessed from internal testing, no definite proof of this, but more correct than original values, HP is correct.

Corrected Minimum level for quest 361 A Letter undelivered
Corrected Minimum level for quest 355 Speak with Sevren
Corrected Minimum level for quest 382 The Red Messenger
Corrected Minimum level for quest 383 Vital Intelligence

Changed quest requirements for quest 590 "A Rogues Deal", so that the quest can be completed also update minimum Level
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