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Author Topic: Mangoszero Database 2.0.7 Applied to Rising Sun!  (Read 6233 times)

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Mangoszero Database 2.0.7 Applied to Rising Sun!
« on: July 31, 2013, 05:05:20 am »

[size=120]Mangoszero Database 2.0.7 Applied to Rising Sun![/size]

The full list of changes is available below.

  • Naxxramas 40 Frenzied bats/plagued bats scale/plague beast waypoints, pt2.
  • Naxxramas 40 Frenzied bats/plagued bats scale/plague beast waypoints.
  • Naxxramas 40 Frenzied bats/plagued bats death lord pt1/pt2.
  • Naxxramas 40 Gargoyles ooc/rock and pathing.
  • Naxxramas 40 combat dummys and some repositioning/rename.
  • Added pathing and emotes for Skeletal Smith, and renamed Death Knight to Deathknight.
  • Added Naxxramas weapon corrections/additions.
  • Add gossip to npc (3144) for quest (4941)
  • Add condition to Love is in the Air vendor items
  • Vile Familiars Questline fix
  • reputation correction to pre tbc for durotar
  • Correct MinLevel and QuestLevel for Durotar
  • missing horde flags for durotar
  • offer reward text for the new horde Quest 787
  • Quest Welcome Questlevel Correction all factions
  • Correct Required Races quest 1049 Compendium of the Fallen
  • fathom stone disspawn fix
  • correct required races for quest 656 summoning the princess
  • Added proper graveyard connections for Blackrock mountains and related zones.
  • quest end script 524 Elixir of Agony
  • tirisfal reputation fix
  • Hypercapazitor Gizmo quest support
  • [p] fixes for quest Pyrewood Ambush
  • [p] Vital Intelligence Minlevel correction
  • [p] The red messenger Minlevel correction
  • [p] quest fix and min level a rogues deal
  • [p] fix Rot hide gnoll cast curse of thule as selfcast
  • [p] A Plague Upon Thee XP correction
  • [p] minlevel and xp fixes tirisfal glades
  • [p] Correct MinLevel A Letter undelivered
  • [p] Speak with Sevren MinLevel corrected
  • [p] All missing horde questflags for tirisfal
  • [p] The prodigal lich returns script
  • [p] fixes pack not core dependent
  • Removed 2 non-existing conditions
  • Removed 2 non-existant ScriptNames
  • [m] Updated full sql to match [r2420]
  • Pusillin (Dire Maul) - scripted UDB 406
  • Naxxramas UDB 406
  • Uldaman missing chest UDB 406
  • AQ20 entrance spawns UDB 406
  • Changes to Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl
  • Removed randomized movement from William Kielar
  • Added npc gossip to Smith Regzar
  • Added npc gossip to Aurora Skycaller
  • Added npc gossip to Old Ironbark
  • Added npc gossip to Tal
  • Changes to Silverpine Deathguard
  • Removed MPs from Cenarion Outrider
  • Changed the Min. Level of the quest 'The Scepter of Celebras'
  • Changes to Azuregos and Spirit of Azuregos
  • Repositioned the following NPCs in the Stormwind Keep
  • Changes to Crimson Courier
  • Removed Mana Points from all Auctioneers

https://github.com/mangoszero/database/ ... tag/v2.0.7
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